We Let Our Merits Do All the Talking...

2005Launch of Green Alchemy Herb & Mercantile Co.
2006Hired first CERTIFIED TEA SPECIALISTS to blend & formulate
2007Recognized as a TOP SMALL BUSINESS
2008Became TEA TREND & BUSINESS JOURNALISTS for National Publications
2008          First INTERNATIONAL SALES
2009Teas sold at high-profile DISCOVERY CHANNEL EVENTS
Caught the eye of FOOD NETWORK CHEFS
2010Teas Showcased at WORLD TEA EXPO
2011Opened first flagship RETAIL BOUTIQUE Location
2013Continued Expansion to  Merchants across US
2016          Launched "CULTURE of CALM" Campaign

We had always set our sights on  being the best. We felt that being our best meant doing our best.  We've achieved our goal and are now proudly serving many repeat customers, globally.  Our customers expect great quality and gracious service.  We try to deliver on these expectations every time we sign a contract or pour a simple cup of tea. 

Ultimately, we believe that every patron should be a satisfied patron.
It's just good business!
Perhaps We've Met Through...