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We make every effort to incorporate only the FULL LEAF form of the tea and the botanicals in order to ensure the most pronounced tastes and the assurance of NO BITTER AFTER-TASTE. All of our products are FORMULATED & HAND-PROCESSED in our USA location.
No. 01-Derby Day
Caffeine-free Honeybush, mints, citrus, slippery elm
No. 03-Patriot's Pride
bold black teas, cloves, peppercorns, chamomile, citrus
No. 04-Foxcroft Chai
smooth Darjeeling, citrus, robust chai spices

No. 05-Blue Ridge Autumn
Gunpowder green tea, sage mints, sarsaparilla, citrus
No. 02-Linen & Lace
Smooth combo of green teas, lavender, chamomile, mint, rosemary
No. 06-Kickin' Stallion
Caffeine-free Rooibos, slippery elm, mints, cloves
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No. 07-Courage Pointe Estate
Robust blend of Darjeeling, chamomile, dark chocolate, peppercorns
No. 08-Tartan
Festive blend of black teas, bourbon vanilla, cloves, nutmeg
* RETAIL PRICING:  1-oz. Tin LOOSE...6.75     1.5 oz. LOOSE....4.50      10-BAG Tin...7.50     
20-BAG Tin...15.75        BULK LOOSE... Available (-1-10 lbs.)
No. 09-Victoriana
Flirty Earl Grey with black teas, roses, rosemary, lavender
No. 11-Organic Metro Dark
Bold combo of our finest deep black teas
No. 10-Green Jasmine
A supurb broad leaf jasmine with blossoms
No. 14-  Our
English Breakfast
Deep blend of teas from Ceylon, India, & China
No. 13-Monocacy
Oolong, ginger, lemon verbena, 
No. 12-Loudoun Dark
Decaffeinated-Superior blacks with Darjeeling
No. 00-
Vintage Earl
Bold Earl Grey of black teas, roses, bergamot,

No. 15-Our Gunpowder Green
Tightly rolled green tea leaf, a hint of citrus
No. 19-Mykonos
Bold combo of deep black teas, Earl Grey, roses, & currants

No. 18-Nights in Morocco
Exotically refreshing pairing of Darjeeling, deep black teas, & mints
No. 17-Ruby & Roses
Caffeine-free An aromatic blend of Rooibos tea, delicate roses, luscious bourbon vanilla

No. 16-Mandarin Kimono
Balanced blending of full-body green tea leaves, jasmine blossoms, orange & tngerine

No. 22-Jade Exotica
A bold and flirtatios GREEN CHAI combining white teas, lemongrass, ginger, fennel, & Chai spices

No.21- Red Chai
Caffeine-free One of our most intense Chai blends marrying rooibos, cardamom, licorice, & fine chai spices

No. 20-Black Ginger
Exotically refreshing and bold blend of Darjeeling, Kenilworth Black, ginger root, & spices

No. 23- Red Line
A defiant blend of Rooibos, dark chocolate chips, with a hint of caramel & bourbon vanilla

No. 25-Rusty Spike
Caffeine-free An intensely  aromatic blend of Rooibos tea, lemon myrtle, citrus
No. 24- Twisted
The zesty tastes of a Pina-Colada--black teas, pineapple chunks, coconut
Our tisane blends offer our patrons artisan-crafted options using the finest leaves, florals, roots, and barks. Each is 100% CAFFEINE-FREE.
No. 26-Namaste
The calming combo of chamomile, saffron, rosehips, lemongrass, tulsi basil, licorice, & spices

No. 29-Carpe Diem
An excellant start to any day! A delectable blend of refreshing mints, chamomile, fenugreek, fennel, cardamom

No. 27-Shaman's Quest
A soothingly warm blend of Rooibos, mints, ginger root, basil, and aromatic spices

No. 28-Pebble Path
Revuvinating combination of sweet mango, dates, pineapple, hibiscus, passion fruit, Rooibos, citrus

No. 32-
Orchid Oolong
A gracious blending of fine oolong, bright citrus, and exotic ginger

No. 31-
Cherry Blossom
Notes of peony blossoms, black cherry, safflowers, in a smooth Sencha base

No. 30-
Little Black Dress
Rich & sultry combination of fine Darjeeling, deep Black teas, lemon, ginger

Connoisseur Reserve 
No. 101-
White Cabernet
An exquisitely formulated fusion blend incorporating the smooth essence of fine Cabernet wine with superior white teas, bright chrysanthemums, delicate osmanthus, & peppercorns

4-oz. Tin (LOOSE)...19.95
No. 103-Jasmine Phoenix Pearls
Hand-rolled green tea imparting the most  intensely earthy flavor. Each tiny ball is said to resemble the eye of the Phoenix & to offer good fortune.

4-oz. Tin (LOOSE)...15.95
No. 102- Sapphires & Rum
A taste sensation suited for Royalty! Our finest grade of dark rich Indian Darjeeling bathed in essence of rum, chicory root, dark chocolate, cornflowers

4-oz. Tin (LOOSE)...19.95 

No. 104-Monk's Honey Chai
Deep Black tea, chrysanthemum petals, honey pollen, tumeric, cloves, cardamom, ginger

4-oz. Tin (LOOSE)...15.95

Our Connoisseur Reserve Collection teas are blended with the highest quality teas and botanicals by our specially trained TEA FORMULATOR. Each, is an ideal gift for that special occassion or that special "someone". All of our Connoisseur Reserve options are available in our distinctive silver or gold 4-oz. tin, or as part of our elegant TEA CHEST GIFT SETS.
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WHOLESALE ORDERS Please Contact Us At 540-822-5214 for a FREE CATALOG and SAMPLE PACKS
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